Welcome to the Educational Newsgroup Resource listing. We are currently putting together a listing for Newsgroups that may be of use to educational establishments. This list is by no means exhaustive, but we will add more Newsgroups as we find them.
We would also welcome any contributions from you. Simply email [email protected] with a Newsgroup you would like to see here and we will add it for you.

Current Newsgroups:


The k12 newsgroups are of interest to teachers and educationalists. Many of the articles are US orientated, although the information can be useful to all people with an interest in teaching and education generally.

Description: Elementary students: grades K-5
Group Name:

Description: Elementary students: grades 6-8
Group Name:

Description: High-school students forum
Group Name:

Description: Teachers forum
Group Name:

Description: Art curriculum forum
Group Name:

Description: Business education curriculum
Group Name:

Description: Computer literacy forum
Group Name: k12.ed.comp.literacy

Description: Physical education (PE), etc.
Group Name:

Description: Home economics and career related
Group Name:

Description: Mathematics
Group Name: k12.ed.math

Description: Music and the performing arts, e.g. drama
Group Name:

Description: The sciences: biology, chemistry, etc.
Group Name:

Description: Social studies forum
Group Name: k12.ed.soc-studies

Description: Students with special needs/handicaps, etc.
Group Name: k12.ed.special

Description: For talented and gifted students
Group Name: k12.ed.tag

Description: Industrial arts and vocational education
Group Name:

Description: European teachers newsgroup
Group Name:

Description: German/English practice with native speakers
Group Name: k12.lang.deutsch-eng

Description: French/English practive with native speakers
Group Name: k12.lang.francais

Description: Russian/English practice with native speakers
Group Name: k12.lang.russian

Description: For libraries and librarians
Group Name: k12.library

Description: Teachers forum 0
Group Name: k12.sys.channel0

Description: Teachers forum 1
Group Name: k12.sys.channel1

Description: Teachers forum 2
Group Name: k12.sys.channel2

Description: Teachers forum 3
Group Name: k12.sys.channel3

Description: Teachers forum 4
Group Name: k12.sys.channel4

Description: Teachers forum 5
Group Name: k12.sys.channel5

Description: Teachers forum 6
Group Name: k12.sys.channel6

Description: Teachers forum 7
Group Name: k12.sys.channel7

Description: Teachers forum 8
Group Name: k12.sys.channel8

Description: Teachers forum 9
Group Name: k12.sys.channel9

Description: Teachers forum 10
Group Name: k12.sys.channel10

Description: Teachers forum 11
Group Name: k12.sys.channel11

Description: Teachers forum 12
Group Name: k12.sys.channel12

Description: Teaching projects
Group Name: k12.sys.projects

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